Family Law matters such as divorce, child custody, and other issues can be incredibly difficult to resolve. Everyone has their own agendas and often, parties do not agree on what is the best interest. The best resolutions often come with the parties work together on finding common ground.

Mediation helps people resolve the most complex issues. Mediation especially helps as a tool to guide parties disputing over family law issues. Banks Law Firm helps mediate issues such as:

  • Divorce 
  • Child Custody 
  • Child Support 
  • Spousal Support 
  • Division of Property

Mediation has so many advantages over going to a trial to dispute your issues. Mediation:

  1. Is cheaper than trial
  2. Ensures that the decision making is left to the parties and not the Judge
  3. Is less stressful than trial
  4. Can help jump start a peaceful co-parenting relationship 
  5. Protect children from going through the stressors of trial.

Mediation can happen during any part of the divorce process. It can happen before filing, after filing, during trial prep, and right before trial as one last attempt to settle. Banks Law Firm will also help in filing the paperwork to finalize the case if the parties settle.